What is a SANG?

Reedens Meadows is a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) this is the name given to greenspace that is of a quality and type suitable to be used as mitigation to offset the impact of new development on the Ashdown Forest Special Protection Area (SPA).

Ashdown Forest was classified as an SPA in March 1996 because it supports bird populations of European importance. The Ashdown Forest SPA covers an area of 3,207 hectares. Together with the nearby Wealden Heaths SPA and Thames Basin Heaths SPA, the Ashdown Forest SPA forms part of a complex of heathlands that support breeding bird populations of European importance, namely the Dartford Warbler Sylvia undata and Nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus.

Studies and evidence resulting from research undertaken at the Ashdown Forest SPA and other SPAs in the country has identified that one of the principal threats to the European protected Dartford Warbler and Nightjar is the damaging effects of disturbance caused by recreation during their breeding period. It is acknowledged that freely roaming dogs hugely exacerbate the disturbance caused by people visiting the site where they can inadvertently trample or flush birds from their nest leaving chicks or eggs to die.

The aim of SANGs is to ensure that visitor rates do not increase as a result of new development. The provision of SANG alongside strategic access management is considered to be an essential and effective mitigation measure whereby new or enhanced green space is provided to draw potential users away from the Ashdown Forest SPA.

The SANG has been provided by Thakeham to provide mitigation and support the implementation of their site at Newick Hill, Newick which has Full planning permission for 31 dwellings.

Further information on the Ashdown Forest can be found here.